Romantic Things To Do in Lyon

Lyon is a very romantic city, so finding romantic things to do is never a difficult chore. L'amore is practically oozing from the cobbled walkways that connect the centre of the city, so taking a walk anywhere, you're likely to feel the subtle messages of romance all around you. But if you'd like something a bit more definite than subtle messages, we can recommend a number romantic things to do in Lyon that guarantee a contented sentimental heart.

Top of the list, the Traboules St-Jean and the Traboules de la Croix-Rousse cannot be beaten on the amorous attractions scale. The word "traboule", comes from the Latin, meaning "to pass through", which is basically the function of the Traboules in St-Jean and Croix-Rousse, but the passageways were designed at the height of the romantic Renaissance period, with many architectural influences coming from Italy, and in particular, Florence. As a result, the Traboules are laden with romantic design features including Florentine galleries, intricately detailed archways, spacious courts and highly romantic spiraling staircases.

But if it takes more than architecture to arouse the romance in your heart, maybe a dose of the natural will do the trick. Lyon's Parc de la Tête d'Or is rated as one of the most romantic parks in France, and with good reason. The park features acres of natural parkland, but it's also the landscaping design that makes the park so romantic. Designed with the inspiration of English gardens in mind, you can stroll for hours with the uncanny feeling that you are taking part in a romantic period drama! In addition, for a lesser known garden that is full of romantic inspiration, head to Jardin Rosa Mir; a small garden and temple hidden away on the Croix-Rousse hill.

expert pick

Traboules St-Jean

user rating

rue St-Jean

The romance of the Renaissance 'traboules'...
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expert pick

Traboules de la Croix-Rousse

user rating

9 Place Colbert

Passageways of the Croix-Rousse silk workers...
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expert pick

Parc de la Tête d'Or

user rating

Boulevard des Belges

Large and lovely nostalgic park... read more

expert pick

Basilique de Fourvière

user rating

Place de Fourvière

The centrepiece of Lyon's glory... read more

Jardin Rosa Mir

83 Grande rue de la Croix Rousse

Garden with Roughly Hewn Artwork Within... read more

expert pick

Halle de Lyon Paul Bocuse

user rating

102 Cours Lafayette

Pride of Lyon's Gastronomy... read more

Rhône (Le)

Pont de la Guillotière

The grand river of Lyon... read more

Ile Barbe (L')

Quai Raoul Carrié
Quai Clémenceau

Remains of Medieval Monastery on an Island in the Saône River... read more

Marche Aux Livres

Quai de la Pecherie

Famous book market along Lyon's River Saône...
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Bonne Maison (La)

99 Chemin de Fontanières

Unexpected Floral Paradise... read more
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