Fitzroy Gardens and Captain Cook's Cottage

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Wellington Parade
3002 Melbourne, Australia


+61 3 9658 9658 (Tourist Information)


Located on the border of the eastern side of the CBD, the area was reserved as public gardens in 1848. Dominant and especially striking during in Autumn and Spring are the English Elm trees that line the walking paths and are said to create a pattern that resembles the Union Flag. Other attractions include Captain Cook's Cottage, which was originally built in England but was shipped over brick by brick to its current location in the 1930's. Also of historical significance is the scarred tree, where a plaque below it explains - The scar on this tree was created when Aboriginal people removed bark to make canoes, shields, food and water containers, string, baby carriers and other items. Kids will especially enjoy the model tudor village and the conservatory, though a picnic is ideal for anybody in the warmer months.


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