Southwest of Milan stands the Ticinese-Navigli area, this quarter is a mixture of old and new. Many of the original residents (or their descendants) still live in Ticinese and there are many case di ringhiera - apartments with wrought-iron balconies that face inwards. Blue-collar workers lived here at the beginning of the 20th Century. The apartments have undergone renovation and some now house architects, artists, fashion designers et al. This area is full of bars and shops selling clothes and basic necessities to meet the needs of employees and residents. Via Chiesa Rossa, (which is on the Naviglio, the city's canal system), is characterized by the wave of immigration which took place here in the 50s and 60s. The area by il Naviglio teems with nightclubs, which means that it is always lively and chaotic. The Naviglio leads to the autostrada for Genova. The Assago complex, where the Datchforum is situated, can be seen on the A7 highway.


Comuna Baires
Teatro Libero
Teatro Ringhiera


Sant' Apollinare
San Giovanni Battista alla Creta
Comuna Baires


Battivacco (Il)
Conchiglia (La)

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