Societe Des Arts Technologiques (La SAT)


1201, boul Saint-Laurent
H2X 1K4 Montreal, Canada


(514) 844-2033

NileGuide Expert tip:

check the lineup of upcoming events from their website before you come to town, and purchase tickets in advance. Many events sell out long before the event.


The Societe des Arts Technologique, on lower Boulevard St Laurent, just up from Chinatown is, in some ways, one of the newest galleries in town, though for over 15 years has been The gallery-- the only one that morphs into a club featuring some of the hottest local and international electronica artists. The SAT name basically means the Society for Arts and Technology, but since the mid 90's La SAT has been mixing electronic music, and mesmerizing visuals in both a gallery/workshop environment (great workshops aand residencies for aspiring artists), and of course, as the artforms insists-- amazing parties!

If you want to go during the day there are always captivating artwork and immersive environments to be seen and heard, as well as interactive sound and light sculpture to play with, and it serves as one of the rare cafes where everyone isn't glued to a laptop screen but looking at art and the surroundings.

And now it's going to get even better; La Sat has just completed a renovation which will bring two new levels to the art of what they do at La Sat; they're launching a 360 degree dome projection called The Satosphere which will be a permanent installation for audio-visual immersion art, and the Sensorium-- "a floor entirely devoted to multi-sensory experience and exploration." La SAT is the place for you if the quality of the music and visuals are important for you. If you just want to dance the night away, there are many more accessible venues, sometimes the music can be challenging. But if you get excited about the prospects of exploration, and the very bleeding edge of electronic art, then you can't come to Montreal and miss La SAT.

Finally, this summer, La Sat are Launching their final branch-- there isn't very much info about this aspect of La SAT yet but it's certain to please the palate the way they already please the ears and eyes. 


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