Patati Patata

NileGuide Expert Says:

A great re-fueling point, service ends at midnight!


4177 St-Laurent Boulevard
(At Rachel)
H1W 2Y7 Montreal, Canada


514 844 0216


In a cozy corner on Boulevard St. Laurent in the Plateau, you will find Patati Patata-- a small eatery that's toasty-warm even in coldest winter nights, and sure to set you on the right path whether a night checking out the local music scene, or a sunny Sunday walk trough the Mount Royal park. This repurposed Casse Croute  (old style French-Canadian Snack Bar) has re-invented itself as hip local favorite spot for a quick and delicious meal.  With lively music and friendly staff who craft mouth-watering plates while conversing with regulars, artists, musicians, dot comers sit at the 13 seats, surrounded by exposed wood and posters for upcoming plays, operas and local bands. While it is tiny, no one is rushed, still Patati Patata regularly serve three hundred patrons a day. 

This isn't high end gourmet. Patati Patata refers to their kitchen as a "Fritterie – or fry shop- de luxe" and from the home-made sauces, and dressings, to the end of the menu, one quickly sees that this is a restaurant that pays attention to details. And at amazingly reasonable prices; their BLT sandwiches are only $2.50. Patati Patata specialty is their masterfully crafted take on classic snack food fare. Their burgers (regular or tofu) are served on fresh rolls with salad, and their fries are what got them noticed from day one, as their name would imply (a Patate is French for a potato, ironically, Patati Patata is actually French for "Et Cetera"). The Patati Patata French fry is arguably one of the best you will find on the Island of Montreal. If this is still a snack bar, it is a truly bold one. As an homage to the street's history; they have home-made Borsht on the menu at all times. And their Poutines range from the classic, to a concoction with mushrooms, onions and roast beef. While it's not as lavish as some of the gourmet Poutines you might find in Montreal, it is certainly a Fritterie de Luxe! 11-11. Cash only.


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