272 Rue Bernard West
H2V 1T4 Montreal, Canada
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One of the easiest ways to get a taste of the prolific and eclectic Montreal independent arts scene is to visit one of the six local show bar/watering holes who house The Distroboto-- a unique experiment in cultural distribution. Be sure to bring a handful of "Twonies" (Canadian two dollar coins) as the Distroboto sells local art, and all for two bucks. Distrobotos are funky re-purposed cigarette vending machines, and the selection is pretty amazing; there are mini CDs, mico-zines, even paintings by well known young Montreal painters. Everything is the size of an old King-Sized pack of cigarettes; do they even make those anymore? There are also Distribotos at three city run "Maison de la Cultures" (gallery/cultural spaces inside city libraries), but in our opinion the best way to get the full experience is to jump right in. Go to Café Romolo for a Café au Lait and some daytime Distroboto art, or have a few beers and art at the Casa del Popolo. Even though they only cost two dollars, they make great gifts for any friends you have back home who are into art and culture, and provide hours of enjoyment.
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