Red Square and the Kremlin

The city – as well as, one may say, the entire country – revolves around Red Square and the Kremlin. Located at Moscow's center, Red Square, an ancient trade area, is truly breathtaking to behold – the most iconic sight of Russia's capital. Since the time of the tsars, the Russian political administration has operated out of the mighty Kremlin.


Palace of Congresses (Dvorets S"ezdov)
O2 Lounge
Bosco Bar
Chronos Open Air
Chamber Musical Theatre
Petrov Vodkin
Balchug Kempinski Hotel Restaurant
Neglinka Lounge
Cicterna Hall
Dub Club
Club Duma


Manege (Manezh)
Trinity Gate (Troitskaia Bashnia)
Poteshnyi Palace (Poteshnyi Dvorets)
Tsar Bell (Tsar-kolokol)
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (The)
Tsar Cannon (Tsar-pushka)
Quantum Health Club (The)
Great Kremlin Palace (Bol'shoi Kremlevskii Dvorets)
Red Square (Krasnaia Ploshchad')
St. Basil's Cathedral (Sobor Vasiliia Blazhennogo)
Ivan the Great Bell-Tower (The) (Kolokolnia Ivana Velikogo)
Alexander Gardens (Aleksandrovskii Sad)
The Kremlin (Kreml')
Church of the Deposition of the Robe
Annunciation Cathedral (The) (Blagoveshchenskii Sobor)
Archangel's Cathedral (The) (Arkhangelskii Sobor)
Day of Accord and Reconciliation
Independence Day
May Day
Kutafia Tower (Kutaf'ia Bashnia)
State Historical Museum (Gosudarstvennyi Istoricheskii Muzei)
Lenin's Mausoleum (Mavzolei V.I. Lenina)
Capital Tours
Palace of Congresses (Dvorets S"ezdov)
Cathedral of the Assumption (Uspenskii Sobor)
Supreme Soviet (Verkhovnyi Sovet)
Faceted Palace (Granovitaya Palata)
Patriarch's Palace (Patriarshii Dvorets)


St. Basil's Cathedral (Sobor Vasiliia Blazhennogo)
Serebrianyi Vek (Silver Century)
Edrena Matrena
Cafe Ararat
Club Duma
O2 Lounge
Park Restaurant (The)
Krasnaia Ploshchad' dom 1 (Red Square 1)
Pizza Sbarro
Petrov Vodkin
Balchug Kempinski Hotel Restaurant

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