Ostojenka str. 3/14
Moscow, Russia


+7 (495) 695-29-98


Vertinsky is popular for its unique combination of Chinese cuisine and Russian culture. This distinguishing feature attracts not only Moscow citizens but also tourists who are familiar with the history of Russia and its capital.
The Chinese theme (in the menu and in the design) is in honor of Alexander Vertinsky, a famous chansonnier who has been traveling and performing in China for many years. The d├ęcor combines neo-colonial styles, simultaneously mixing the best features of the Chinese and the European culture. The interior evokes the atmosphere of the classical decadence of Shanghai in the beginning of the 20th century with its opium rooms, rickshaws and luxuriously dressed furniture. The walls of the restaurants are decorated with photos of the famous Stepan Mikhalkov's grandfather and Anastasia Vertinskaya's father.
Chef Anastasia Vertinskaya is responsible for the Russian part of the menu and invents the majority of dishes based on ancient family recipes. Stepan himself has created not just the gastronomical conception of the restaurant but also its interior. Both of Vertinsky's halls are spacious dining rooms compiling the elegance of the Orient and the stylish antique European traditions.


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