Foodie Guide to Yountville


When Thomas Keller chose tiny Yountville for The French Laundry, foodies the world over had to study maps even to figure out where it was. That was a long time ago. Today Yountville is a pilgrimage destination of sorts for fans of farm-fresh locally sourced food. And with Bistro Jeanty, Ad Hoc, Bouchon, and now the Bardessono Hotel's new restaurant, there are more destination dinners to be had in Yountville than most long weekends will accommodate. What to do? Make lunch a centerpiece meal as well, so you can fit in more stops. Here's how I do it; I pick up a quick cafe breakfast at Bouchon -- a scone or morning bun, perhaps, and a big steaming to-go cup of the best coffee anywhere. Then I head out on a bike ride or short hike, to work up plenty of appetite for lunch. Another hike or wine tasting breaks up the afternoon; it's also important to make time for a spa treatment, soak or swim. Then a fashionably late dinner, European-style, and a night of deep, restful sleep, before setting out to eat my way across town again tomorrow.

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Author: Melanie Haiken

Day 1 - Napa Valley




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Napa Valley, CA 94558


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