Gibbons Rehabilitation Project


Khao Pra Theaw Non-Hunting Area, Bang Pae Waterfall
Pa Khlok
83130 Phuket, Thailand


+ 66 2 889 2672

NileGuide Expert tip:

Although a donation is not required, consider making one. You can also contribute by buying souvenirs at the center's gift shop.


The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) is a unique non-profit setup working to save Thailand's most famous primate. Over the years, have become a popular attraction on beaches and parks, where they are used to pose for photos in exchange for money. All gibbons you see in captivity were stolen from their mothers (who must be shot to death first) and can only be kept around until they reach maturity, at about five years of age. After that, they become too wild and unmanageable. Until the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project came around, gibbons were commonly shot as they became "unruly." The GRP is now fighting to reintroduce these animals to the wild through the work of volunteers, who have to teach the animals how to eat, climb and recognize predators. Visitors are welcome at the center to learn more about the animals, help with chores or simply observe the gibbons as they go about their daily life.


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