Prague 5 - Smichov, Radlice, Hlubocepy

South of Mala Strana on the left bank of the Vltava lies the large Smichov district, an area which has gone through major changes in its lifetime. From the Middle Ages, when Smichov was comprised of vineyards, gardens, and hop fields. The late 18th century saw the beginnings of an industrial boom which eventually led to the replacement of gardens with factories.

In the early 20th century came another metamorphosis form Smichov. Industrial complexes were pushed out by office buildings while modern residences replaced cheap working-class housing. In today's Smichov, historic facades and modern buildings stand side-by-side.

The Anděl metro station marks the center of a bustling section of Smichov, one that contains a wealth of shopping and entertainment. . Here you'll find multiplex movie theaters, the vast Nový Smíchov shopping mall, and a plethora of restaurants catering to their professional clientele. Additionally, the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic, the Staropramen Brewery, is only a few meters from the Anděl station. Not too far away is Mozart's elegant Prague dwelling, the Villa Bertramka. It was here that the great composer finished Don Giovanni, an opera that frequently graces the stage at the Estates Theater.

All in all, Smichov is an exciting neighborhood that seamlessly blends business with pleasure.


Folklore Garden


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Folklore Garden


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