Prague 6 - Dejvice

Dejvice is split into two distinct areas. On one side, is one of Prague's most affluent neighborhoods, filled with international embassies and mansions inhabited by the wealthiest locals. Even former President Václav Havel lives here. On the other side of the motorway, however, are modest family homes and sub-standard apartment buildings.

Near the Dejvická metro station stands a large shopping mall and on the neighborhood's border sits Prague's Ruzyně Airport. Because of the fact that the center is easily accessible from Dejvice, several high quality hotels are situated here. The fact that it's just outside of the city center means that prices at hotels like Hotel Praha are slightly lower than their luxurious nature suggests. The Golden Tulip Diplomat Hotel even has its own go-kart track. Don't worry if you don't stay there, though, as the track is open to non-guests.


Divoká Šárka


Staroceska Krcma

Pizzeria Grosseto

Kavarna Kabinet

Pod Loubim

Homestead Ladronka

U Kavalira

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