Prague 7 - Holescovice, Troja

The up-and-coming Prague 7 blends the natural and man-made in a unique and often beautiful way. Historically, Holešovice has been the home of industrial workers, meaning that lovely Art Nouveau buildings stand alongside functionalist designs. The second largest train station in Prague, Nádraží Holešovice an important, if not a particularly desirable, part of town. Holešovice's popularity does appear to be on the rise as it draws more and more club-goers (Cross Club, for instance, keeps them coming back for more) and (with the help of National Gallery's Collection of Old Masters Museum). The massive exhibition grounds, Výstaviště, definitely do their part as well.

West of Holešovice is Letná, well known for its large park, Letenské sady, which boasts impressive views of the city. Another green area, Stromovka, lies just north of Letná. From the word strom, meaning "tree," this, Prague's largest city park, has no shortage of mysterious towering stromy. On top of its restful beauty, the Stromovka Music Garden hosts live music events frequently.

Troja represents yet another beautiful area of Prague 7. This former orchard was transformed in the 17th century when Troja Chateau (Trojský zámek) was built. More than just a castle, this baroque chateau also includes botanical gardens. Zoo Praha, one of the world's top 10 zoos, is located near the chateau, to further add to Prague 7's abundance of lush greenery. If that isn't enough, Troja even houses a first-class slalom course.


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Generali Arena

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