Beas Vegetarian Dhaba


Tynska 19
110 00 Prague, Czech Republic


420 608 035 727


The word "dhaba" refers to a small local restaurant along a highway in India. They are usually in gas stations and open 24 hours a day. Sometimes they even have places for a quick nap. Beas Vegetarian Dhaba, located about 100m off Old Town Square, doesn't offer naptime but it does offer cheap and tasty Northern Indian cuisine. It has a small set menu but the best value changes daily. You can choose the "Male" (small) or "Velke" (big) menu. Cafeteria-style, your Czech order-taker will take a big stainless steal platter and spoon several of the day's specials into the individual compartments. For about $4 you can have a fresh, flavorful, and very velke lunch. You'll find pitchers of free water on each table but if you want something a bit more authentic to drink with your meal, a lassi (Indian yogurt drink) will only cost you an extra $0.50.


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