Giallo Rossa

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Jakubska 2
110 00 Prague, Czech Republic


420 604 898 989


You spend hours seeing everything there is to see in Old Town (which is A LOT), and you're hungry but everything you can find is either a tourist trap or some swanky spot. Enter: Giallo Rossa. This very central restaurant serves up good pizzas, pastas, and drinks in a clean, comfortable (although sometimes slightly cramped) environment for shockingly low prices. Giallo Rossa doesn't just offer food, but connections, too. Free with any meal is 30 minutes of Internet use on one of its four upstairs computers. Although this place is small, tables aren't terribly hard to come by. If you can't get a table, though, Giallo Rossa's got you covered. Immediately next to the restaurant is a take-away counter where you can get a slice of pizza for a dollar. This is also a convenient service when you're on your way to a bar and you haven't had dinner yet…


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