House of the Black Madonna

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Celetna 34
11000 Prague, Czech Republic


420 224 211 746


The House of the Black Madonna (Dům u Černé matky boží) was originally designed by Josef Gocar to be a department store. Completed in July 1912, the building now houses the Czech Museum of Cubism. The architect's first major project, it was a specifically challenging one as it is difficult to harmonize Cubist architecture with the surrounding Baroque, Gothic, and Classical facades. Cubist architecture is an important artistic contribution made by the Czech Republic. It evolved on its own (parallel to, not in response to, Picasso's cubism in painting) in an effort to create synchronize the fluid process of creation with the solid building that results. The museum exhibits works of Czech Cubism, most notably by Josef Capek and Bohumil Kubista. The Grand Café Orient, designed entirely in the Cubist style, can be found on the first floor while exhibitions lie on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors.


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