Templo de San Francisco


14 oriente 1003
72000 Puebla, Mexico

NileGuide Expert tip:

The reason why there's only one tower on the facade, is that on Colonial times, no building could be taller that the Cathedral towers, and when they realized this church may seem higher (because of its location on a hill) they decided to build only one tower out of respect.


This construction was begun in 1550. The temple magnificent tile facade and its amazing quarry center was built during the XVIII century. The lateral facade was built in the XVI century and is the oldest in the city. Inside you can admire a 1574 chorus, some rich carved wood altar pieces made in the XVII century and a little XV century braised image of the Conquerer Virgin, that was donated to the church by Hernan Cortes himself (he was the conquerer of the pre-Hispanic Mexico).
The uncorrupted body of Fray Sebastian de Aparicio is venerated there. He is currently on the process of being named a Saint and people believe its body is miraculous since it never disintegrated.
The arcade on the right hand side of the facade used to be the convent and was built in 1550 too, and was probably the most influential convent in the city.  In 1857 the convent was sold in pieces and some of it is now part of the Convention Center behind it. There were also some arcades to the left, but they're long gone.

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