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This is not only an artistic project, but also a social and community one. All made possible thanks to the citizens who gave their time to paint and help regenerate Xanenetla.

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4 norte at Blvd. H. 5 de Mayo
Puebla, Mexico

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If you speak a little spanish, don't be afraid to talk to the residents of the barrio. They're always happy to tell their experience and what they think of their newly renew barrio.


Xanenetla used to be an indigenous town founded, on the other side of the San Francisco river, to help in the construction of the Colonial city of Puebla. As time passed by, the city grew until the town of Xanenetla became a barrio, the river was channeled and a big avenue was built where it used to be.
The Xanenetla barrio was neglected and somehow forgotten. But in december 2010, a group of artists called Colectivo Tomate began the rescue of the barrio through a project called Puebla Ciudad Mural. They began a citizen movement urging people to help design and create a total of 52 murals depicting the story of the barrio and their hopes for the future.
This is an ongoing process, so far 19 murals have been done, and on 2011 more will be created. This is a unique project in Mexico: an artistic intervention in a historic part of the city.
The project wants to regenerate and revitalize the economy as well as the touristic side of Xanenetla, and so far they've succeeded.
If you like art and if you want to know a true mexican barrio Xanenetla is where you should go.
The Santa Ines Church, in the middle of the plaza, and the end of the visit, is beautiful as well. So don't miss it while you're there.

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