Playa Mismaloya

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Highway 200 Sur Km 11.5
48300 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Mismaloya deserves the credit (although some say they deserve the blame) for the tourism boom in Puerto Vallarta. In 1963, John Huston chose this almost inaccessible, deserted beach as the set for his award winning film, The Night of the Iguana. The movie made Vallarta famous, but the set, sadly, was soon forgotten. However, Mismaloya is still worth the 6-mile drive from downtown. Not only is it a sweet little beach perfect for chilling out, it has a killer view of the famous Los Arcos sea rocks (a favorite destination for snorkelers and scuba divers). If you want to go to Los Arcos, there are plenty of boats available for hire. But before you board a boat and get too far away from the mango margaritas, consider snorkeling right off the beach where the crystal clear water is teeming with gaily painted tropical fish. There are also plenty of good restaurants competing for your business, many of them offering beach chairs and umbrellas.


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