Amsterdam Sauer Museum


105 Rua Garcia D'Avila
22421-010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


+55 21 2512 1132


You don't have to be in the market for precious stones and expensive jewelery to appreciate this gem of a musem in Ipanema. The museuJulesrm is dedicated to the finds of the Frenchman Roger Sauer, who relocated to Rio de Janeiro in his late teens, and later worked as a miner, geologist, 'gemologist' and, latterly, jeweler.
Here, visitors can admire many of his most impressive finds, including emeralds, Brazilian opals, and imperial topaz - a gem that is mined only in Brazil.
The museum is a great rainy day option, and, for those who find themselves hankering after some precious stones of their own, there is an opportunity to buy Amsterdam Sauer jewelery at the museum's store. A word of warning, though, these are a cut above your standard museum keepsakes, and prices are not for the budget traveler.


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