North Park

San Diego's renaissance neighborhood, North Park's previously drab stereotype has take a complete 180 with chic restaurants, bars that offer unique appetizers and dance tunes and locally inspired shops. Just parallel to Balboa Park, North Park's 30th Avenue features hidden secrets like Alexander's on 30th and the Sea Rocket Bistro, both distinctively flavored Italian American cuisines that pair their special location with expertly flavored food. Professionals of the area look to unwind at the Blue Foot Bar & Lounge or Bar Pink, bars that still shimmer with the grunge of the North Park from the past but are amplified with loud dance tunes and the hole in the wall ambiance made even better bartenders who really know how to pour a drink. Though the area is a bit broad, don't venture too far outside 30th, where past Sushi Deli 2 and the Beauty Bar where dark alleys only sporadically lit feature pawn shops and psychics.



The L Bar & Grill

Beauty Bar

Bread & Cie

Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge


Eagle Bar Of San Diego (The)


Urban Solace

Live Wire



4 Walls Gallery

J.A. Cooley Museum


Chicken Pie Shop (The)

The L Bar & Grill



Alexander's On 30th

Sea Rocket Bistro


The Linkery

Urban Solace

Heaven Sent Desserts

Peking Cafe


Blom House on Kensington (The)

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