Avenida Libertador Bernardo O┬┤Higgins 2879
Santiago, Chile


+56 2 681 7793


On a regular night, Blondie features techno and electronic. And the club fills, with mainly middle and working class Santiaguinos, who, generally speaking, top out in their mid 30s. There are, however, theme nights, with 80s being a huge hit, when kids from about 18 all the way up through their mid 40s dance the night away like they did or would have in the 80s. This club should be voted least likely to play a lot of salsa, cumbia or bachata, so if you're looking for that, you should look elsewhere.

The club is large, and at capacity has about 2500 people. There are a few different dance floors, with bars in each, and drink prices are reasonable, though, like in the rest of Chile, if you order a mixed drink, it will be more alcohol than mixer. Entry is less than $10 US for men and women, though the latter generally pay less.

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