Ocean Pacific's


Cumming 221
Santiago, Chile


697 2413


If you choose Ocean Pacific's in Barrio Brasil, you're going for the ambience. The kitch. The over-the-top twinkling-lighted interior that looks like someone's idea of a boat, or maybe a submarine. Flippers and dials dot the walls, and fishermen's nets complete the picture. Kids and marine lovers will get a tremendous kick out of this restaurant, and please watch your step as there are marine-themed (raised) doorways to walk through as you get to your dining room.

There are many dozens of seafood restaurants in Santiago that serve many of the dishes served here, such as any of a variety of fish platters, fried or grilled (reineta (sea bream) tends to be pricier, and merluza (which is hake), cheaper with salad or some variety of potatoes, the machas a la parmesana (razor clams with cheese melted on top), or caldillo de congrio, or conger eel soup. But let's face it. If you're coming to Ocean Pacific's it's becuase you're curious, a lover of tacky, or seeking a great photo op for you and your fellow diners. That isn't to say that the food isn't good, it's just that it's hard to taste what you're eating with the visual overload coming at you from every direction.

The restaurant is just a few blocks from the Cumming stop on the green line metro, or take the red line to Rep├║blica. This is one restaurant you won't soon forget.


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