French Concession

The French Concession, the former French colonial possession, is today a charming, historic district known for its European architecture and tree-lined streets, as well as its shopping, bars and cafes. Most of the action centers on the main east-west thoroughfare, Huaihai Road, an upscale shopping destination. You can also tour the area around Dongping Road, where dozens of the city's hottest bars are active nightly. Shopping in the area is a bit overpriced, but you'll find unique, one-of-a-kind items here that may be worth the money.
For a pleasant daytime tour of the area lose yourself in the gorgeous, tree-lined alleys, a rare site in China since many trees were demolished for fuel in harder times. The alleys are well preserved and attract photographers and writers from around the world.
At night, the entire area becomes infested with partiers, expats, executives on trips from Hong Kong, and tourists. It can become dangerous in the evenings with all the drunks running about, but if you are a partier out for a good time this is the only place in Shanghai to be. Check out some of the city's best dance and drinking venues like Sashas, O'Malleys, Mao and Zapatas, all conveniently located walking distance away from one another. After the restaurants in the area close, you'll easily find vendors selling midnight street food- a must try for any tourist and a favorite of locals and expats alike.


el Coctel
Full House
O'Malley's Irish Pub
Pub Crawl Shanghai
Bulldog Pub
Jingyuan Tea-Art House
George V


Guoji Libai Tang (Hengshan Community Church)
Soong Ching-ling's Former Residence (Song Qingling Guju)
Silk King (Zhensi Da Wang)
DongPing Road


Shanghai Slims
Ai Ya
Mi Tierra Mexican Frozen Foods
O'Malley's Irish Pub
El Gato Verde
Jingyuan Tea-Art House
Dongtu Black House
Trattoria Isabelle (Yishabei'er)
O'Malley's (Ou Ma Li Canting)
baker & Spice
baker & Spice
Lao Fan Dian
Xi Jia Hua Yuan
Muo's Hamburger
Guyi Hunan Restaurant


Pudi Boutique Hotel (Pudi Jingping Jiudian)
Old House Inn (Lao Shi Guang Jiudian)
Shanghai Hilton

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