Huangpu District

One of the world's most densely populated urban areas, Huangpu is a prime residential area as well as shopping territory and business center. Once home to the 'international settlement' the Shanghai municipal government has taken up residence in the area and govern the city from its core.

The eastern section of Nanjing Road is perhaps one of the Shanghai's greatest tourist attractions, making it a great place to people watch but overpriced for shopping. You'll find yourself harassed by good-natured peddlers while walking under flashing neon lights and pounding music. This road is the primary artery from old to new, and is the pulse of modern Shanghai. You'll find groups of youths sauntering off to KTV halls all along the road, intermingled with tourists, locals and expatriates alike.

People's Square, which is along Nanjing Road, is a delightful place for people watching, or to unpack a small picnic. On weekends, match makers gather in the central area to arrange potential marriages, while youths come here to practice their inline skating moves and peddlers use the conglomeration of people as a perfect excuse to sell their merchandise.

Nearby, the Shanghai Grand Theater, and Shanghai Museum are worthy attractions that can easily help you pass an entire day.


Tianchan Peking Opera Centre Yifu Theatre
Always Cafe
Barbarossa Lounge
Ciao Sydney Cafe
Milano Icecream
Milano's Ice Cream
New York Disc Ballroom
Yi Fu Theater
Favola Pizzeria Ristorante and Bar
House of Blues and Jazz (Bulusi Jueshi Zhi Wu)
Nan Shi Theater
Pin Zhen Fang
Huxingting Chashi
Peace Cinema (Heping Yingdu)
Brauhaus 505
China Great Theatre (Great Theatre of China)
Quilombo Salsa Restaurant & Bar
Yuyuan Stage
Xinguang Little Theatre
Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar
Shanghai Gong Stage
Sound Blue
Salon (Le)
Jazz Bar
Club Tiandi
Shing Shung Tea Bar
789 Nanjing Road
80% Bar
Dongtu Black House
Grand Cinema
Lingo Bistrot
Dance Republic


Shanghai No. 1 Department Store (Shanghai Shi Diyi Baihuo Shangdian)
Portman Ritz-Carlton Health Club
Yuyuan Commercial City (The)
Shanghai Art Museum
Shanghai Antique and Curio Store (Shanghai Wenwu Shangdian)
Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery
MLZ Isetan Department Store
Fuyou Antique Market
Huangpu Library
Ling Ling Pearls & Jewelry
Antiques Market of Shanghai Old Town
Bund Museum
Louis Vuitton
Natural History Museum
Shanghai Book Market
Guohua China-Ware Store
Vantaly Gallery
Duo Yun Xuan Art House
H & M
Museum Souvenir Shop
Psychedelic Tunnel
Antique Bazaar (Yuyuan Bazaar)
Yanzhong Green Space
Renmin Park
Marc Jacobs
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Pearl's Circles
Shanghai Biennale
Trust Mart
Mandara Spa
Confucius' Birthday
Nan Pu Bridge
St. Patrick's Day
Yang Pu Bridge
People's Square
Shanghai Museum


Ciao Sydney Cafe
Yi Ren Guan
Brauhaus 505
Hongchangxing Muslim Restaurant & Food Co. Ltd.
Shun Feng
Huanghe Lu
Coffee Oasis
Nan Xiang
Shanghai Lao Fandian
Jin Long BBQ
Sumo Sushi
Favola Pizzeria, Ristorante and Bar
Xiao Nan Guo
Zentral Healthy Eatery
Dragon-Phoenix Room
Lingo Bistrot
Brasserie Tatler
789 Nanjing Road
Jazz Bar
Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen
Always Cafe
Shanghai Night Bar
Xian Yang Dun
Xing Min Hotel Ballroom
Lao Zheng Xing Restaurant
Tony Roma's Famous For Ribs
Ai Mei Chinese Restaurant
Bistrot (Le)
Rollo di Pollo
Lu Bo Lang Restaurant
Quilombo Salsa Restaurant & Bar
Man Jue Restaurant
Mei Yuan Village
Chang An Dumpling Restaurant
Full House Pub
Pin Zhen Fang
Shanghai Ren Jia
Mei Long Zhen
Chunfeng Songyue Lou


JIA Shanghai
Swissotel Grand Shanghai (Shanghai Hong'an Ruishi Dajiudian)
Royal Meridien Shanghai (Le)
Hengshan Moller Villa Hotel
New Harbour Service Apartments
Grand Central Hotel Shanghai
The Bund Hotel
Shanghai Riverview Hotel
Qiandaohu Hotel Huangpu Inn
Ramada Plaza Shanghai
Golden Tulip Puxi Ashar Suites

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