Minhang District

Minhang is primarily a residential district, and is home to some of Shanghai's premier housing developments, including non-apartment style dwellings that are rare in China. The wealthy of Shanghai have truly arrived when they can say they park their BMW in Minhang. The Gubei housing neighborhood is popular with expats, and prices for property in the area have risen dramatically in recent years as a result of the small expatriate communities developed in the area. Facilities to support the influx of wealthy inhabitants are springing up in the area, including some impressive new restaurants and bars.

Qibao Town is a popular tourist attraction due to its claim as an ancient village with over 1000 years of history. The site, however, is hard to locate and a bit underwhelming. More interestingly, visit the major arteries in Minhang via taxi to get a look at how the up and coming in Shanghai live.

A portion of Shanghai's many factories are also located in Minhang, making it a place filled with contradictions. In future years many expect the factory centers to be relocated to the fringes of Shanghai or to the eastern edge of Pudong.

The Hongqiao airport is also located in Minhang, this is a terminus for national flights, and is an easy-to-navigate little airport. Minhang is also home to East China Normal University and the famous Jiaotong University, which is second only to Tsinghua as the Harvard of the East.


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