DaGu Road


Dagu Road & Chengdu Road
Shanghai, China


Take your lady friends to DaGu Road (near Changdu Road) and treat yourselves to one of the many spas that dot the walkway. Afterwards, enjoy an hour of shopping for entertainment goods, foods and other necessities and then stop off at one of the many top-notch restaurants along the street, including an expat favourite Papa Mario's Pizza and Hayas Mediterranean Food. This street is an expat hiadas area, and many expats live in the apartments that look out over DaGu Road and its nearby park. After your lunch, work off the calories by strolling through the park listening to local musicians, watching the cascading waterfall and throwing bits of leftovers to the overweight coy in the park's miniature pond. This hidden gem is a favorite among the expat wives and you are sure to find something you enjoy along this delightful street.

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