Jing'an Temple

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1686 west nanjing road jing an district
Jing An (corner of Huashan Lu)
200040 Shanghai, China


86 21 6256 6366


This temple is directly outside the Jing'an Temple subway stop on line two, and is surrounded by shopping malls, boutiques and even a Burger King. The exterior of the temple houses shops in a wide array, from pirated DVD booths to jewelry and liquor shops-- it is a different scene than the interior of the temple. Step inside, light incense and stroll the rooms of this ancient temple while listening to the horns of nearby traffic and the whistle of sales girls from the nearby bars and malls. This is truly an experience worth the trip to feel torn between what you see (the interior of the temple) and what you hear (a modern city, bursting to move forward as quickly as possible).

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