Latitude 18


9C Vessup Lane, off Route 322
00802 St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
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This East End hot spot is a favorite with the yachties, as it's located opposite the American Yacht Harbor, overlooking the Red Hook ferry terminal. The casual open-air restaurant and bar, featuring a ceiling adorned with boat sails, regularly offers some of the best live music on the island, especially on Thursday through Sunday nights. The food is excellent but the selection is limited, and the crowd tends to be older - so don't expect to find 20-somethings doing body shots off each others' bellies here. To get there take the road that goes toward the Ritz, then make a left after about one-tenth of a mile. Follow that road almost to the end, until you see a sigh that says "Latitude 18." Turn left and follow the abominably bad dirt road all the way to the end.
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