Ueno is Tokyo's eastern hub, offering dining, drinking, and entertainment with a slightly more traditional tilt. Ueno Park is here, home to a complex of museums and natural attractions that can't be beat in Tokyo. Stick to the side alleys and back streets, and you'll get a taste of the old Tokyo, complete with yakitori stalls, rickety izakayas, and discount shops.

The Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, the Ueno Royal Museum and the National Science Museum, as well as a major public concert hall, are all here. Packing all the cultural offerings in Ueno into one day would be difficult, especially with all the temples and traditional restaurants surrounding the station. In the spring, Ueno park is Tokyo's favorite spot for night-time hanami (cherry blossom viewing), and the sprawling grounds provide plenty of space for a rowdy party or two.

Historically, Ueno was part of the Shitamachi ("low city") and home to working-class Tokyoites. Just south of the station is the Ameyayokocho, a street market district that evolved out of an open-air black market that sprung up after World War II. Wherever you go, Ueno serves up down-home Tokyo charm.


Warrior Celt (The)


Paper Museum

Otani Art Museum Foundation

Shibusawa Memorial Museum

Toshogu Shrine

Ueno Park

Ueno Zoological Gardens



Jigendo (Ryo Daishi) Temple Hall

Earthquake Science Museum

Shitamachi Museum





Grill Fukushima


Hotel Sofitel

Ryokan Katsutaro

Annex Katsutaro

Hotel New Ueno

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