Soto-Kanda 1,3 & 4-chome
101-0021 Tokyo, Japan


+81 3 5321 3077

NileGuide Expert tip:

Don't miss a chance to glimpse Tokyo's - and possibly the world's - nerd mecca


Tokyo's "Electric City,"  Akihabara simply buzzes, bursting at the seams with the latest tech toys and items to evoke the deepest electro-envy. Although other neighborhoods now rival Akihabara for sheer quantity of electronics stores, this is still the place for hardcore electronics shoppers. A two-story electronic components arcade underneath the JR tracks houses everything from LED lights to antique Walkmans. Walking Akihabara in the evening is the ideal time to get a feel for Japan's otaku (uber-geek) culture: manga cafes, funky/alternative toy stores, smoky pachinko parlors, and video game arcades abound.


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