Academy Of Spherical Arts, The


One Snooker Street
(at Atlantic)
M6K 1G1 Toronto, Canada


416 532 2782


Home to the defunct Brunswick Balke Collender Company, once the largest manufacturer of billiard tables in Canada, the Academy of Spherical Arts is the ultimate spot for pool lovers. There's 20,000 square feet of space divided into different rooms, each with a different theme. The Samuel May Room has some of the original 100 year old tables built by the Samuel May and Company while the George Chenier Room, the former loading dock, offers a room for smaller groups. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or diner at the club with a classic steak house menu and a bar well stocked with over 350 wines, 60 grappas, 20 vintage ports, 130 cognacs and over 100 international beers. There's also a great selection of cigars.


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