Kensington Market is a vintage-loving pedestrian's paradise. While its roads are not closed to traffic (except on monthly Pedestrian Sundays throughout the summer months), hoards of wanderers on foot and bicycle rule the neighbourhood.  Kensington is wedged between Little Italy, Chinatown and the Annex, some of the most lively neighbourhoods in the city. In its own right, the market scene that pulses through its streets attract (and happily distract) visitors for hours.

This is a neighbourhood brimming with vintage shops, health food stores and fresh produce markets, niche restaurants and hole-in-the-wall arts venues. Locals love to do their shopping here and visitors make the alternative culture and book shops, clothing stores and cafes a specific destination.

Kensington Market is enclosed from north to south by College and Dundas streets, and east to west by Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street and is accessible by streetcars servicing each of these major roads.


Kensington Market


College Hostel

Baldwin Village Inn

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