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The Turin sales have started and continue until the end of March. This is a great time to plan a winter shopping trip. Grab a real bargain, from designer bags and shoes to fashion and home furnishings whilst enjoying the delights of this historic, elegant and arty city.

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Author: Adrian Petersen

Day 1 - Turin

Shopping in Turin could not be easier. If its cold or wet don't worry, the rich and powerful have left a unique legacy, over 16 km of porticoes to walk under. In some places the porticoes even continue over road crossings, this was done to protect members of the Royal Family on their walkabouts! From the marble of Via Roma and the grey stone of Via Po to the slightly more functional porticoes outside the central zone, Turin's porticoes are a unique urban feature, they shelter you from the rain and snow in winter and the sun in summer whilst allowing you to stroll past a myriad selection of shops, historic cafés and buildings.

Today, start at the Porta Nuova station end of Via Roma and wander through the porticoes to Piazza San Carlo, and continue on to Piazza Castello. Check out the Galleria Subalpina before continuing down Via Po to Piazza Vittorio Veneto


Galleria Subalpina


Piazza Castello
10123 Turin, Italy

Day 2 - Turin

Today start at the Piazza Castello and look for Via Garibaldi which you will find on the north western side of the Piazza. This street runs for over 1 km and is a favourite shopping destination for the Torinesi, especially on Saturday afternoons.

Don't miss 'Osteria No.1' at number 59, one of Turin's best wine merchants, a good place for lunch. In the afternoon head for Lingotto on Via Nizza, formerly Fiat's major production plant. Remember the Mini's on the roof in the original 'Italian Job'? Now it’s home to 8 Gallery a shopping mall and entertainment centre. Eataly, a unique food and wine centre where you can buy, taste and learn about high-quality food and drink is also on Via Nizza, just across the road from 8 Gallery at the northern end.

If you are still hungry step into Osteria del Fiat, an Italian version of fast food with a twist. A fixed menu at lunch and dinner (10 €) is available, the food is good, as is the service, and its very popular with the locals.



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Via Nizza, 230
10126 Turin, Italy


011 1950 6811


Osteria del Fiat


Via Biglieri, 2
10126 Turin, Italy


+39 11 696 2651

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