Rote Fabrik


Seestrasse 395
8038 Zurich, Switzerland


044 485 58 58

NileGuide Expert tip:

Rote Fabrik is home to a lakeside café that serves a nice brunch. Outdoor seating is plentiful.


Rote Fabrik, a late 19th century silk factory, is one of the most famous venues in Zurich for live music and experimental theater. The space also features other cultural events like Dock 18, an "Institute for Media Cultures World Wide". Rote Fabrik was founded in 1980 as a center for youth and alternative culture after a struggle between the city of Zurich and the Interessengemeinschaft Rote Fabrik (IGRF), or Rote Fabrik Interest Collective. At this time, the IGRF used the building for illegal squat parties as a way to show off counter culture. City officials tried to evict the group, but conceded the space to IGRF after a massive youth protest against a proposed renovation to the city opera house for over 60 million francs. Since then, the collective has been going strong, renovating the former factory to add more space for music and other cultural events.


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