8001 Zurich, Switzerland

NileGuide Expert tip:

The Hedwig fountain features a woman warrior on top, paying tribute to the medieval Zurich women who donned armor during the siege of 1292. Even though they were not armed to fight, their appearance was enough to scare the Habsburgs into ending the siege.


Relatively high up from the banks of the Limmat River, Lindenhof has continuously been one popular place. The Helveti settled here. The Romans built a customs station here back in the days when Zurich was known as Turicum. A Holy Roman Empire Kaiserpfalz, a secondary hotel-like residence for the Emperor, was constructed on top of the Roman-era foundations. Once Rudolf Brunn, the first mayor of Zurich, and the guilds took over the city in 1337, Lindenhof became a public square and remains so today. In the 1930s, the city planted the namesake linden trees, uncovering a trove of archaeological finds from Lindenhof's former inhabitants that are now a part of the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum)'s collection.


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