Roman Ruins on Thermengasse


8001 Zurich, Switzerland


The Roman settled Turicum, a customs station on Lindenhof, in 15 BC. As the customs station grew, the local Romans built an extensive bath in Zurich just off Weinplatz, the site of Turicum's ancient harbor. The bath foundations on Thermengasse were uncovered when a local store decided to renovate the premises. What you see now on the structural remains of a hypocaust heating system. The Romans used to raise bath floors with a series of small columns so that furnace heat could circulate underground, warming both the rooms and the water in the bath. When you look at these columns under Thermengasse, it is hard to imagine what the Roman baths would have looked like, but these ruined foundations attest to the size and prosperity of Roman Zurich. It is free to visit Thermengasse, and as a side street, it is always open to the public. Written explanations are posted in both German and English.

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