Home of the Iditarod and world-class salmon, Alaska needs little in the way of introduction. Between panning for gold in Liarsville and picnicking at the base of an Ice Age glacier, the far north is truly as romantic and adventurous as you’ve imagined. Witness the dazzling fjords of Kenai National Park and the 700-square-mile Harding Icefield, one of only four remaining in the United States. Discover the origin of the Eskimo blanket toss and kayak amongst ice floes. Shoot pool with the locals in Anchorage or relax in a railway car en route to Fairbanks. No trip to Alaska would be complete, however, without a flightseeing trip over Mt. McKinley, where you can get a birds-eye-view of North America’s highest mountain peaks.

Regions in Alaska

Alaskan Interior