“America in Miniature,” “The Land of Pleasant Living”: Maryland’s apt nicknames say it all. Tucked between North and South, in the looming shadow of DC and the Appalachian Mountains, Maryland’s created its own cozy nook in the heart of the East Coast. Get whiffs of Northern urbanity in the DC region, and tastes of Southern comforts (and outdoor adventure) in the quaint towns of Western Maryland. Relive American history at Chesapeake Bay, the setting of James Michener’s famed American saga—or just let the lighthouses, bay islands, and sweet bed and breakfasts charm you silly. For some seaside kicks, head to the boardwalk of resort town Ocean City. Or you can beat the crowds and hang out with the wild ponies and blue crabs of elemental Assateague Island National Park. Big-city Baltimore may be gritty, but it’s full of gusto and hometown pride, setting of the television show The Wire and birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner. And the harbor of historic Annapolis is ready to fuel all your sea-faring dreams. Sounds like pleasant living, indeed.

Regions in Maryland

Capital Region

There’s much of what you would expect in an area directly adjacent to our nation’s capital in the Capital Region of Maryland, but some surprises as well. There are governmental institutions to visit, like... read more

Central Maryland

Central Maryland is most frequented for its two main attractions: Baltimore and Annapolis. Baltimore is famous for many reasons, ranging from its rough reputation (from shows like “The Wire”) to its gentler... read more

Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is home to some of the coast’s most beautiful natural areas, including the island of Assateague and a spectacular National Seashore that’s one of the last homes of America’s... read more

Southern Maryland

One of the most popular and exhilarating ways to explore Southern Maryland is by bicycle, where bike clubs and groups are the norm and bike lanes abound along the windy roads. Don’t worry if you don’t want... read more

Southern Shore

There’s a whole lot of shoreline along the Southern Shore of Maryland, which means islands, waterfront parks, lighthouses, and lots and lots of seafood. Steamed crabs and oysters are particular must-tries,... read more

Western Maryland

Western Maryland’s most spectacular sites are best explored by road or rail. This area supplied the Industrial Revolution with raw materials and was previously a major manufacturing center, but over the last... read more

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