New Jersey

Just a bedroom community of turnpikes and freeways?—Forget about it! New Jersey may be sandwiched between the shadows of New York City and Philadelphia, but it’s also the United States’ most densely populated state—and also one of its greenest. Don’t let teasing outsiders fool you—the Garden State is more than a thick-accented stretch of highways and shopping malls. With rich farmlands and beautiful beaches, the coastal Pine Barrens forest and a leg of the Appalachian Trial, New Jersey offers a Mid-Atlantic urban respite. But it’s also home to American icons like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Frank Sinatra and, more recently, the television show The Sopranos—conspiring to create a New Jersey culture that is at once influenced by its looming neighbors, and all its own. Hit up the hip neighborhoods of Hoboken and the ethnic eateries of diverse Paterson. Stroll alongside the Ivy-League elite at Princeton, and blow on dice at the world’s first oceanside amusement pier, Atlantic City. Just don’t try to pump your own gas—instead, make use of the opportunity to chat with a native New Jerseyans. Your “water” may turn to “worter,” but it may not be a bad thing.

Regions in New Jersey

Delaware River Region

Need proof that New Jersey is diverse? Delve into the Delaware River Region, and experience both the stereotypes and surprises of the Garden State. The region is steeped in colonial history, from the stately... read more


What’s that looming on the horizon? It’s not just the skyscrapers of Manhattan—it’s New Jersey’s vibrant Gateway. Historical ambiance and contemporary culture create a heady mix in Gateway, making... read more

Jersey Shore

You’ve heard the hype, and seen the TV show—now experience the real Jersey Shore. The parties may rage in the resort towns, and the lights may glitter in the casinos of Atlantic City, but there’s a lot... read more


Surrender all your New Jersey images, and get ready for the Skylands. Here, you trade beaches for mountains, mega-malls for historic towns, highways for old steam trains, and partying crowds for outdoor enthusiasts.... read more

Southern Shore

For a spectacular seaside retreat minus the debauchery, head a little further down New Jersey’s coastline, to the Southern Shore. Here, Victorian resort towns and historic lighthouses dot the sandy beaches,... read more

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