Sure, it’s got history. And delicious meaty sandwiches. But, as tempting as it may be, don’t stop at the surface of Pennsylvania. This Eastern state is home to some unique culture, from the electricity-free Dutch country to the burgeoning arts districts of Philadelphia, and a confident modern energy that promises to get under your skin. Delve into the past in Philadelphia’s historical monuments, from the Liberty Bell to Ben Franklin everything, then experience the vibrant reinvigoration of its eclectic neighborhoods. Check out battlefields Gettysburg and Valley Forge, and let the quirky charm of multicultural Pittsburg surprise you past its steely reputation. Experience something entirely different in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, dotted with rustic farms, horse-drawn buggies, and not a single chain store. Boat and fish around the shores of Lake Erie, and ski the slopes of Poconos and Endless Mountains. Stop in Hershey for a tour of the famed chocolate theme park, and why not, have a couple cheesesteaks too. History never tasted this good—or felt this alive.

Regions in Pennsylvania

Allegheny County