Antigua and Barbuda

Beaches, sea and sand—and did we mention beaches? There’s not a lot going on in Antigua and Barbuda other than white sands and palm trees, and that’s the key to its allure. Don’t expect cruise ships and big crowds at these small Caribbean islands. The isolated shores and thriving bird colonies of Antigua and Barbuda attract those truly in need of escape. Wintering celebrities, budget travelers and locals all get down with the steel-drum rhythms of big-island Antigua, where the gentle bustle of Caribbean life is as infectious as the drum beats, and as delicious as the black pineapples. But despite exclusive resorts, West-Indian markets and restored naval bases, a stunning beach along a sheltered bay is never far from hand in Antigua. For even more miles of deserted beaches, grab a private boat and head over to Barbuda, one of the Caribbean’s least-visited islands—by people, that is. Its frigate bird colony is a swooping, squawking wonder to behold. It all conspires to make one gleaming-white, sparkling-blue island getaway that’s fit for a pirate, a Hollywood star, and you.

Top Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda

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