Regions in Australia

New South Wales

With so much to experience in a state as big as New South Wales, you're not going to see all the major attractions in one hit, so you must prioritize. If you have just a few days to spare, you should certainly... read more

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is a Federal territory of Australia, occupying much of the center of the mainland continent, as well as the Central Northern regions. Known as the 'real outback' it represents nature... read more


Three times the size of Texas, with a population that clings to the coast but embraces the Outback for its icons, Queensland is a sprawling amalgam of stunning scenery, fantastic yarns, and eccentric personalities.... read more

South Australia

South Australia has remained politically innovative and culturally vibrant throughout its history. It is known for its festivals and fine produce. While South Australia is not the tourist magnet that its... read more


Tasmania is a place of wild beauty colored by a tragic past. Separated from the rest of Australia by the waters of Bass Strait, this island state has forged its own path. Its isolation has preserved much... read more


Most visitors to Victoria start out exploring Melbourne's cosmopolitan streets before taking a few day trips to the wineries or the gold fields around the historic city of Ballarat. Many experience only... read more

Western Australia

Western Australia (WA), the "Boom State," has experienced incredible growth thanks to international demand for its natural resources, especially iron ore, nickel, aluminum, gold, and natural gas. Unemployment... read more

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