Regions in Brazil


When the Portuguese first arrived in Brazil they landed on the soil today known as Bahia. In Portuguese the word "bay" is translated "baia". Salvador, Bahia's capital, was founded by Portuguese explorers... read more

Central Brazil

Central West is the only landlocked Brazilian region. The region offers excellent opportunities for eco-tourism activities such as exploring caves, rappelling down waterfalls or just trekking through the cerrado... read more

Northeastern Brazil

The Northeast is the sunniest of Brazilian regions. Although this may mean long periods of drought for the mainly agricultural inland of some states (and thus crop losses and widespread poverty), the climate... read more


The Pantanal is considered one of the world's largest and most diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems and is also one of Brazil's major tourist draws. Some of the large cattle farms offer accommodations and... read more


Pernambuco has a rich history and includes some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Olinda is one of the oldest cities in the country, and the Recife is a mix of Portuguese, Dutch and Jewish heritage,... read more

Rio de Janeiro State

Rio de Janeiro the state is, of course, home to one of the most popular destinations in all of Brazil. But if you ever get tired of the hustle and glitz of Rio, consider trekking outside of the metropolitan... read more

Southern Brazil

Southern Brazil is a land of valleys and pampas where a strong gaucho culture meets European influences. Accordingly, it is experiencing much growth and tourism. It has the best standard of living in Brazil... read more

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