Regions in Canada


Mountains. Cowboys. Dinosaur Fossils. Alberta is the rugged stuff North America is made of. Canada’s second largest province is its wealthiest and fastest growing, thanks to a boom in crude oil production.... read more

British Columbia

Big, white, untamed—it’s not the Indomitable Snowman, it’s British Columbia. Canada’s Western-most province is vast, about four times the size of the UK; it’s snow-capped mountains are home to some... read more


Smack dab in the middle of Canada, Manitoba benefits from the best of all worlds. The province’s capital city Winnipeg boasts a number of artistic and cultural organizations that offer world-class music,... read more

New Brunswick

The largest of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces, New Brunswick is exemplified by the French phrase, “joie de vivre”, or joy of life. Natural marvels, story-book villages and urban panache collide in... read more

Newfoundland and Labrador

Fisheries, fjords, Viking sites and seriously historic cities—if it sounds too ruggedly old-world to be North America, it’s got to be Newfoundland and Labrador. A Canadian Atlantic province off the icy... read more

Northwest Territories

Little-peopled, untamed and Artic—Canada’s Northern Territories are what wilderness is all about. Talk about getting off the grid: the vast expanses of forests, rivers and icy isles seem to stretch Northward... read more

Nova Scotia

You might get a feeling of déjà vu in Nova Scotia. It wasn’t named “New Scotland” for nothing—the rolling, verdant countryside and strikingly crisp waters evoke a land an ocean away. But settle in... read more


Polar bears, icebergs and vast expanses of untamable terrain—Nunavut isn’t for the faint of heart. But it is a windswept, Artic wonderland for extreme lovers of the nature, outdoor activities and indigenous... read more


If you don’t think “worldly” and “sophisticated” when you hear “Canada,” you haven’t been to Ontario. Canada’s most populous province shatters ice-fishing images with multicultural metropolises,... read more

Prince Edward Island

This maritime province is the smallest in Canada, both in land area and population, making for an intimate travel experience. Remember Anne of Green Gables? The literary classic was based on PEI and you can... read more


Bienvenue au Quebec! From chateaus to sidewalk cafes to that famous joy de vivre, Quebec has retained more than the French language from its ancestors. Sure, sophistication, history and spirited joviality intermingle... read more


Ah, the peace and quiet of Saskatchewan. The vast and sparsely populated prairie state nestled into the heart of Canada may not have glitzy cities, big-name attractions or legendary natural wonders, but there’s... read more


Somewhere in the northern reaches of a great continent, two legendary highways ramble through Artic expanses, rocky peaks and forested wildernesses. Moose roam, kayakers paddle, the ghosts of gold miners whisper,... read more

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