Until recently, July and August in Croatia belonged to German and Italian tourists, who clogged border crossings in their annual "migration" to the country's endless beaches and clear blue sea. Today, the rest of the world has discovered Croatia's charms: its wealth of Roman ruins, medieval hilltop castles, and staggering cache of natural wonders. Even though the summer crowd is now larger and more diverse and tourism is one of the country's biggest sources of income, it still is possible to find a secluded cove or patch of beach where it seems you're the only person on Earth. When all the name-brand hotels are filled, there is always a room with personality waiting in a private home where the landlord welcomes you like a long-lost friend.

Every town and village has at least one restaurant where the locals hang out and where the slice of life you get with your meal is the best dessert there is. In Croatia, each building has a story that adds another facet to this gem of a country.

Regions in Croatia

Central Croatia

Central Croatia refers to the areas of the Republic of Croatia that were part of the Habsburg Kingdom of Croatia which excluded Istria, Slavonia, and Dalmatia. Today the term is used in geography to refer to... read more

Inland Croatia

Tourists anticipating a trip to Croatia rarely include the regions east of Zagreb in their plans. That's too bad because frequently their reasons are based on misinformation or lack of accurate details. It... read more

Inland Istria

It isn't easy being green in a country where blue is the dominant color, but the Istrian interior's countless hues of vegetation sparkling beneath the sun hint at the unspoiled nature and unique experiences... read more


Istria is a land of myth and magic, of glistening blue sea, vast green fields, and dark red earth. It is a triangle-shaped peninsula at the northwestern end of Croatia that protrudes just far enough into the... read more

Kvarner Gulf

Experiencing the all the diverse charms of the Kvarner Gulf region requires a strategically orchestrated campaign. Some visitors to Opatija ensconce themselves in 19th-century villas, emerging to luxuriate... read more

Lower Dalmatia

The Dalmatian coastal region from Split to Dubrovnik is the inspiration behind Croatia tourism's "The Mediterranean As It Used To Be" mantra, and with good reason. With the imprint of Greek, Roman, and Venetian... read more

Upper Dalmatia

The area from Senj to Trogir, a region known as Upper Dalmatia, is a collection of contradictions: The cities and sites are among some of Croatia's most accessible and enchanting; but the region also is home... read more

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