El Salvador

Vine-dripping Mayan ruins, active volcanoes and legendary point breaks—with attractions like these, you’d think El Salvador would be jam-packed with tour buses and resorts. But, due to a long-gone violent past and its proximity to bigger tourist draws, travelers tend to skip over this small Central American country—which means you’ll get it all to yourself. Trek past wild orchids as you search for spider monkeys and pumas in the cloud-forest canopy of Parque Nacional Montecristo-el Trifinio. Hike through the colonial towns and wildflower-littered landscapes of the Ruta de Las Flores, making time to sip some famous coffee and relax in a hot spring. Hang out in leafy plazas and hip lounges in cosmopolitan San Salvador. Attempt to surf Central America’s greatest break at Punta Roca, or just string up a hammock and kick back in Playa El Tunco. Do it all for a fraction of the fuss—and wash it down with a cup of Horchata. Now that’s El Salvador living.

Regions in El Salvador


Ahuachapán is a city in western El Salvador. Situated near the Guatemalan border, it is the westernmost city in the country and is the center of an agricultural region producing primarily coffee. It is also... read more


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Cuscatlán is the smallest department in El Salvador, located in the center of the country. Cuscatlán was given its name by the original inhabitants of the Western part of El Salvador. In their language... read more

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the second largest city of El Salvador and a one of the most economically prominent. It has some of the best architecture in El Salvador, including the Cathedral of Santa Ana, a marvel of neo-gothic... read more

Top Destinations in El Salvador



Balsamo Coast

Barra de Santiago

Concepcion de Quezaltepeque

Costa del Sol

Eastern El Salvador


La Palma
Lago de Coatepeque

Playa Tunco

San Miguel

San Salvador

Santa Ana

Santa Tecla



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