Equatorial Guinea

With teeming vegetation and eye-popping scenery that runs the gamut from tropical forest to snow-tipped volcanoes, Equatorial Guinea packs a powerful punch. Be careful because this small country is growing fast. Bask on the butterfly-strewn beaches of Arena Blanca, the only white-sand beach on Bioko Island. Barter your heart out in the local markets, where traditional African-print fabrics and clothing are sure to brighten up your wardrobe. Hike secluded trails and admire volcanic vistas. To view wildlife in their natural environs, Monte Alen National Park is the real deal. Villagers lead excellent guided tours through the forest, ensuring at least one primate sighting and a host of winged creatures, great and small. Make sure you have all your paperwork in order at all times, however, as foreigners are frequently stopped for impromptu inspections.

Top Destinations in Equatorial Guinea

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