Finland feels like a fairy tale. And not just that one about the bearded guy in a red suit, flying around delivering presents one night a year. Golden summers and deep dark winters, untouched forests and tech-savvy cities: it all just feels a little magical in Finland. The long days of sun-drenched summers set the country abuzz with festivals, whizzing bicycles and smiling faces, while the subzero winters offer the opportunity to cozy up to Finland’s more intimate side, in wood-fire saunas and warm cafes. You can discover your inner Nordic warrior trekking and skiing through wilderness wonderlands like Lemmenjoki and Oulanka National Parks. Traverse the waterways and swoon amid the Art Nouveau architecture of worldly Helsinki—making sure to stop into a Black Metal nightclub for a taste of something purely Finnish. You can literally get off the beaten path in cycler’s paradise Aland archipelago, or step into a whole other world amid the midnight sun and roaming Reindeer of Lapland, homeland of Santa Claus. It’s all set under the hallucinogenic swirl of Northern Lights, and it’s all in Finland. Enough to make you start believing in fairy tales again?

Regions in Finland

Aland Islands

The Ålands, off the west coast of Finland between Turku and Stockholm, form an archipelago of 6,500 islands, islets, and skerries. The total land mass is about 1,320 sq. km (510 sq. miles), yet it's the water... read more

Finnish Lapland

Above the Arctic Circle, Lapland comprises one-third of Finland, the country's northernmost, largest, and most sparsely populated province, which is why it's often called "The Last Wilderness in Europe."read more

Lake Region

Saimaa, an extensive lake district in eastern Finland, has thousands of islands and straits and lots of blue water. It's a land of small villages, vacation centers, and welcoming people, wrapped in the peace... read more

Southern Finland

Southern Finland is a province of Finland. Relatively small in area, the province is the most populous in Finland and is dominated by the urban sprawl around Helsinki, the capital. Founded in 1550, the "Daughter... read more

Western Finland

Western Finland is Finnish region that is split into seven areas: Central Finland, Central Ostrobothnia, Finland Proper, Ostrobothnia (the only mainland region in Finland with a slight Swedish-speaking majority),... read more

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