If you have an itch for travel, we can be pretty sure France is somewhere on your itinerary. The most popular tourist destination in the world, France lures visitors with its legendary landmarks, its world-class museums, its fabled food and wines, its countryside chateaux, its sparkling Cote d’Azur—do we need to go on? Get lost in the Louvre and ride down the River Seine in timeless Paris. Glimpse celebrities in Cannes and soak in the infectious energy of gloriously gritty Marseilles. Listen to the surf laze into the pebbled shores of chic Nice. Ski the Alps, surf in Biarritz, live like royalty in the Loire Valley. And eat a croissant at least once.

Regions in France


For most wine lovers who are already familiar with some of France's wine regions, a first visit to Alsace is unforgettable. On the border with Germany to the east and Switzerland to the south, and in the shadow... read more

Basque Country

The Basque Country is a region that culturally includes three provinces within Spain and a fourth province of France. The French destination is located within the southwestern section of Aquitaine and includes... read more


Deep dark forests, glimmering waters, Celtic customs and frothy beers—it’s not your typical vision of France. That’s because it’s Brittany, a historically independent and fiercely proud region abutting... read more


Considered by many to be the heartland of French wine, the gentle countryside of Burgundy is a joy to visit. The vineyards are home to two of the world's most treasured grape varieties - Chardonnay and Pinot... read more


Reims and Epernay in the heart of Champagne are just an hour east of Paris by train or road and the region has welcomed visitors for many decades. For any lover of Champagne, the experience of seeing how the... read more


“Always conquered, never subdued” could be about the bold spirit of Corsica—or about the enraptured hearts of its visitors. Rippling mountains, ancient vineyards and dramatic coastlines set the stage... read more

French Alps

Who said outdoor adventure couldn’t be stylish? Or sophisticated, stunningly beautiful and ever-so classy? The French Alps are what alpine ecstasy is all about. Rustic ambiance meets first-class living in... read more

French Riviera

Located on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) has the glitz and glamour rivaled by few places on earth.

Although the Riviera is famous for the glamour... read more


Sometimes considered the centre of the wine trade and home to some of the world's finest wines, traditionally Bordeaux has not had the best reputation for welcoming visitors. However, things are changing fast,... read more


This smallest wine region in France, close to the Swiss border, has a surprisingly wide range of wines from the famous, but somewhat curious Vin Jaune, through to Vin de Paille and Macvin. It's a fascinating... read more

Languedoc Roussillon

For many years, this vast area in the South of France has been a popular summer holiday destination. Now that the quality of the wine has increased dramatically, it is the right time to visit as a wine tourist... read more

Loire Valley

The Loire is the longest river in France and wends its way through the area known as Le Jardin de France. Famous for its grand châteaux and for its wines of every colour and style, it is easy to take a weekend... read more

Massif Central

There’s no such thing as an identity crisis in France’s Massif Central. Dominated by thick forest, rugged topography and snaking rivers, this long-standing region remains firmly rooted in the past. Though... read more


This region has for long been a draw to both artists and to the jet set. Today it is attracting wine lovers too, as producers move beyond making cheap and cheerful rosé to producing some serious characterful... read more

Rhone Valley

For everyone who loves red wines made from the Syrah grape, a visit to the northern Rhône is a must. From vineyards on near vertiginous slopes, some of the finest Syrah wines are produced, as well as original... read more


Known mainly to skiers, Savoie vineyards are worth discovering with increasing numbers of wine producers making really interesting, quality wines and a selection of restaurants that promise much more than cheese... read more

South West France

Although the South West doesn't have a romantic ring about it, you will fall in love with the landscapes in this vast region, stretching from south of Bordeaux down the west side of France to the Pyrenees and... read more

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